About Us

Desert Olive Farms is a boutique producer of high quality extra virgin olive oil located along the Mexican border in the southern edge of California's Sonoran desert. 

Our extra virgin olive oils are bottled by hand at the headquarters in Brawley, California. We started this business in 2013 knowing nothing about the Olive Oil industry. Throughout the years, we have developed a passion for healthy living, learning about the differences between various diets, oils, and fats.

Our family is so excited to share our love of food and everything we have learned with you, our amazing customers! . 

Family-owned and operated, we sell our extensive line of oils and vinegars at its Desert Olive Farms store located in Yuma, Arizona, at numerous local retailers, at farmer's markets throughout the Southern California region and here on this website. 

Some fun facts about us: Cowboy Clyde and Grace have been married for over 30 years We have 6 children, 5 spouses, and *currently* have 6 granddaughters, making our family total 19! Grace is an interior designer on the side, having over 18 years of experience and passion on her record Clyde has been an entrepreneur forever, starting 5 different businesses throughout his lifetime.

We love all of you and gaining connections with our customers. Come pop by to meet us and learn more about our obsession with delicious food!.

We bought this Raspberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar in Yuma. On the 4th of July I used it on Strawberry Spinach Salad, It was amazing! I had more compliments on this than any dish I have ever brought:)

Kerri C Hertwig


I only bought a picnic size of this, but it was so popular at my house that I'm probably going to have to keep a stock on hand. The first time we tried it, the dipping dish never made it to the table. We just wanted to test it before we served it. The whole dipping dish was gone before we even left the kitchen. OOPS!

Dana Carrier

So yummy

We received this as a gift. It was wonderful and great tasting! It added a nice flavor to our salads. Very subtle and not overpowering.

Patti M